Chinese Weddings- Planning a Chinese Bride

The couple frequently consults a monk or fortune teller to select an opportune day for their ceremony. Chinese lovers have historically likewise sought the assistance of a matchmaking. To choose a suitable moment, promoters may combine yin and yang, baby dates, zodiacs, and other factors. They might even think about which days are unlucky and stay away from them when getting married.

A Chinese custom known as the” Guo Da Li” betrothal ceremony involves the groom and his families visiting the couple’s home to meet her, present her with wedding presents, and propose to her. A marriage is also expected to be provided by the girl’s home.

Three days after the wedding, the couple may typically go see her parents and host a lavish dinner. This is done to express gratitude for her culture and to demonstrate the groom’s loyalty chinese women ready to marry mail to her. Traditional foods include whole fish for fertility, noodles for longevity, and crab and rooster for dragon and phoenix.

In addition to the banquet, many couples did consider pictures in a church or garden to wish themselves fortune and express their gratitude to their ancestors. Couples stand next to a red curtain and pose for pictures in the so-called “red carpet” ( red frame ) photograph. This has long served as a lucky and prosperous symbol. Last but not least, the couple does exchange hong bao, or reddish money-filled envelopes, to wish each other luck and happiness in the years to come.

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